Acess to the World News Connection®, A Foreign News Service from the U.S. Government, is limited  to the Cornell Community. Contact the Middle East & Islamic Studies Bibliographer or the Reference Dept. for a password to use the database.

"WNC Description

World News Connection (WNC) is an online news service, only accessible via the World Wide

Web, that offers an extensive array of translated and English-language news and information.

Particularly effective in its coverage of local media sources, WNC provides you with the power

to identify what really is happening in a specific country or region. Compiled from thousands of

non-U.S. media sources, the information in WNC covers significant socioeconomic, political,

scientific, technical, and environmental issues and events.

The material in WNC is provided to the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) by the

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), a U.S. government agency. For over 50 years,

analysts from FBIS' domestic and overseas bureaus have monitored timely and pertinent

open-source materials, including grey literature. Uniquely, WNC allows you to take advantage

of the intelligence gathering experience of FBIS.

The information is obtained from full text and summaries of newspaper articles, conference

proceedings, television and radio broadcasts, periodicals, and non-classified technical reports.

New information is entered into WNC every government business day. Generally, new

information is available within 48-72 hours from the time of original publication or broadcast.

Regional categories covered include:

Central Eurasia

East Asia

Near East & South Asia


East Europe

West Europe

Latin America

Sub-Saharan Africa

WNC is a valuable research tool for anyone who needs to monitor non-U.S. media sources.

For a low monthly fee, WNC subscribers can conduct unlimited interactive searches and have

the ability to set up automated searches know as "profiles". Users of all skill levels will be

impressed by WNC's power and ease of use. WNC also provides a two-year rolling back-file

for researching historical information." World News Connection®

Middle East & Islamic Studies