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Latin American Microform Collections at Cornell University Library

Annual Reports of the World's Central Banks (Chadwyck-Healey)

Africans in the New World
Microfiche on order
Microfiche 764
an ongoing series that includes Latin American and Caribbean bank publications, 1984-

Brazil's Popular Groups (Library of Congress)

Film 6183,6864

Guide Film 6183
"a microfilm collection of materials issued by socio-political, religious, labor and minority grass-roots organizations," 1966-

CIA Research Reports, Latin America: 1946-1976 (University Publications of America)

Film 5534

Guide Film 5534
background papers prepared on a variety of Latin American countries and topics

Confidential U.S. Diplomatic Post Records: Nicaragua, 1930-1945 (University Publications of America)

Film 5877

Guide in process
US diplomats views at the end of the Marine occupation and the onset of the Samoza dynasty

Crises in Panama and the Dominican Republic: national security files and NSC histories, 1963-1969 (University Publications of America)

Film 6846

Guide Film 6846
The White House's National Security Files on political disturbances which preceeded US invasion of the Dominican Republic in 1965

Despatches from United States Consuls in Arica, 1849-1906 (National Archives)

Film 6933
period of growth of Bolivian cinchona and nitrate exports and the War of the Pacific

Despatches from United States Ministers to Bolivia, 1848-1906 (National Archives)

Film 6932

Development Plans, 1970- (Inter Documentation Co.)

Microfiche 52

National development plans from Latin America, and the world

Latin American History and Culture: an archival record

Microfiche on order

OSS/State Department Intelligence and Research Reports: Latin America, 1941-1961 (University Publications of America)

Film 5562

Guide Film 5562
369 reports evaluating two decades of Latin American politics by US intelligence sources

Latin America: Special Studies, 1962-1980 (University Publications of America)

Film 5543
"Special Studies" are federally-commissioned research papers from leading public and private think tanks.

Human Relations Area Files, 1985-1994 (HRAF Inc)

Microfiche 887
study of humankind by world area and culture trait

Latin American Pamphlets from the Yale University Library (Clearwater Publishing)

Microfiche 794, 1128-1131
Cornell's collections are pamphlets from Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador

Papers Relating to the Province Island Company and Colony, 1630-1641 (Microform Academic Publishers)

Film 6507
British colonization of Colombia's Province Island

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