Cornell University Library Collection Priorities

The following priorities, which are listed in rank order, should serve as a general guide for all CUL selection decisions.

  1. Curriculum Support. Library materials selected specifically in support of current undergraduate and graduate coursework should receive the highest priority. Many of these titles will be ordered at the request of faculty, often for reserve.
  2. Standard Source Availability. Standard or "core" monographic and serial titles should be available in the Library for all subjects taught or studied at the University. This category includes basic reference tools.
  3. Faculty Research. This category consists of specialized materials directly related to and needed for current faculty research projects.
  4. Graduate Student Research. Here are ranked specialized materials needed for prolonged or intensive use by graduate students working on theses and dissertations.
  5. National Collection Strengths. This category includes those subject or area collection segments in which CUL has traditionally maintained exceptionally strong (4+/5) collections.
  6. Subject Representation. Here are included those specialized publications which reflect the broad trends in current scholarship throughout the subjects currently taught or studied at the University. These items are needed if the Library is to serve as a record or representation of current knowledge on relevant disciplines.
  7. Inter-institutional Commitments. This category consists of materials acquired solely because of cooperative agreements with other research institutions.
  8. Collection Continuity. This final category includes materials the Library continues to collect primarily because the same type of materials has been collected in the past.
- Ross Atkinson, 2/1991, last reviewed 7/2003