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Latin American and Caribbean Government Documents Project Homepage

This page (re)introduces a project that organizes and describes the many Latin American and Caribbean official documents appearing on the Internet. Its design reflects changes in the quality and quantity of regional government sites on the World Wide Web. Like its predecessor, the project consists of a series of tables that groups similar kinds of information, briefly summarizes their contents and provides links to the appropriate level of the source server, thus:



contents summary

Project Objectives:

In version 2, the Project focuses on two objectives: alerting readers to the location and contents of Latin American government sites on the World Wide Web and logging changes in the location of these sites.

By a "government site," the compilers mean a WWW URL dedicated solely to the display of information produced by an official state- i.e. federal, departments, local- institution. Government sites appear under a wide range of titles- e.g., Ministries, Secretaries, Bureaus- and several Internet domains- gov, org, edu, com- but they share a focus on information produced by Latin American government agencies.

As with the previous version (Latin American Government Project, 1.0.2 modified February 5, 1997), the Project will chronicle the protean state of the sites it holds. This version will log lost pages to a subsidiary table labeled "Inactive," located beneath each of the five document categories listed below. We will continue to use messages in red type to indicate a site whose location has changed.


Version 2 of the Project extends its scope to include the Caribbean Islands along with the Latin American republics on the mainlands of North, Central, and South America. The tabled summaries include the following document types.


National and International Statististics
Inactive Statistical Sources
National Executive and Ministerial
Inactive Executive and Ministerial Documents
National Legislative Documents
Inactive Legislative Documents
National Judicial Documents
Inactive Judicial Documents
Subnational Documents
Inactive Subnational Documents



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