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 Inactive National Judicial Documents

National Judicial Documents

Poder Judicial

regulations, judges, sentences, and committees

AMATRA-X (Associação dos Magistrados da Justiça do Trabalho da Décima Região)

Professional association of the 10th district (Brasilia), includes directory, legislative and court decisions for its region and an extensive set of links to national and international legal and legislative sources

Consejo da Justicia Federal

decisions, virtual library, consulting online, the magainze CEJ, publications and contact information on the federal and state judges

Supremo Tribunal Federal

organization, biographical information

Superior Tribunal de Justicia

institutional, directory of judges, ministrioies, jurisprudencia and news. (thorough page)

Superior Tribunal Militar

decisions, institution, and accompaniment process


Fee-based service specializing in commercial and labor law

Rama Judicial

constitution, organization, directory if justices, legislations, publications, links, news, and history

Dominican Republic
Suprema Corte de Justicia

court decisions, current cases, biographies of judges, directory of municipal judges

Consejo de la Judicatura Federal

contact information, principals, and the Federal Judges Group

InfoJus (UNAM)

suite of searchable indexes: Jurisprudenica Penal and Jurisprudencia Constitutional (reporters for the Suprema Corte); Jure Web (Mexican federal and state legislation, 1976-96 )

Poder Judicial de la Federación

consulting, history, services, art, audio and video of the Supreme Court, judgements, and conversations of the court.

Organo Judicial de Panama

description of Panamanian court system, publications, including Boletín informativo Ivstitia

Poder Judicial

links to library and information on judges. Mainly a front page

Poder Justicial

primarily links to other sites

Puerto Rico
Tribunal General

tribunal system, services, cases and contact information

Corte Suprema de Justicia

directory information, includes legislative and court decisions, recent publications and links to other pages



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